TO LET THINGS UNFOLD - by catching the center, freelance version - Jan Burkhardt och Cilla Roos

22 - 27 May 2018

A workshop inspired of a previous edition at DOCH 2017

We wish to invite you to join a habitat for emergence and sharing of sensations, dance, talk, and other means of communication. Our wish is to share our findings on practices and research, to offer space and time, to let synergies evolve and new and old forms and formats of sharing manifest. You can sign up for anything from a day to the whole week.


Day 1. Sigal Zouk

Sensation as a means of sharing presence

We will conduct a shortened version of a 21 days laughing- crying- silence workshop, founded by the spiritual teacher Osho. The original workshop includes 7 days of laughter, 7 days of crying and 7 days silence, with 3 hours of practice per day. Our workshop will include 3 hours: One hour of laughter, one hour of crying and another hour of silence. The workshop will allow us to drop the experience of getting ׳׳stuck in our minds׳׳ and to connect us with the wisdom of our hearts. Whenever emotions are not allowed to be fully experienced in the moment, they stay in our emotional body. When we allow ourselves to experience our un-laughed laughter, our un-cried tears, and our un-lived silence, we allow whatever is in the unconscious to flow. 

We will begin and end together as a group.


Day 2. Katarina Eriksson, Per Sacklén and Ingo Reulecke  Sharing as a culture; propose and resonate.

We propose a Silent walk to the workshop participants. Silent walk is a movement-based artwork; all participants are both part of it as well as observers. During the walk we move in silence together in a group, to sharpen our senses and to get new perspectives on the surroundings. We move in different ways and in different tempos. We claim space in public places and investigate them.

There are some basic ideas making up the framework for the walks: we do not communicate verbally once the walk has started, we pay attention to each other and support the initiatives surfacing during the walk, we try to stay in a close group, we learn from each other.

We, who initiate Silent walk, are three dancers/choreographers with experience from various fields of performing such as stage performances, site specific, improvisation and experimental collaborations with different art fields. We have also worked with community dance and as teachers of movement practices with professional dancers and non-professionals.


Day 3. Rebecca Hilton Naming and Not Naming Naming and Not Namingis a series of experiments involving doing things, watching things, reading things and talking about things. The word ‘thing’ has been used colloquially since c. 1600 to indicate something the speaker can’t name at that moment. 


Day 4. Peter Mills 

Connecting impulse and intuition

Within the silence of existence, questions arise, we experience ourselves, we listen, but find no answers, we move, adjust, agitate, and revolt, we dance together, together and alone, silent, without answer.

The infinitely demanding choreography is a group practice with a focus on the philosophical in the choreographic. We will perform simple tasks whilst voicing aloud questions, in a collective internal monologue, to rethink dance as a radical gesture, in a world full of choreographies.


Day 5. Martin Sonderkamp

Allowing for aimlessness and for the ability to respond

In Western, neoliberal society, aimlessness is seen as an alarming attitude that one should refrain from because it leads to a loss of concentration, reduces motivation and thus undermines the ability to achieve set goals.

My proposal within the frame of the research week hinges on questioning which openings can arise if we temporarily allow to not yet have an aim. How can we articulate bodily and mental practices that gently disrupt the negative connotation of losing focus? What openings and artistic capacities to collaborate might arise if we practice non-fokal attention? How can we articulate a responsive body that is prepared for such contingencies? And, how do we navigate, together and individually, throughout such a widened scope?


Day 6. Cecilia Roos & Jan Burkhardt

The heart of things

This session is dedicated to integration, distillation, rumination- both a workshop and a ritual, to sum up the week but also still give space for new information to arise and circulate.





Startdatum 2018-05-22
Slutdatum 2018-05-27
Tider 10.00-16.00
Antal dagar 6 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2018-05-06
Plats Skeppsholmsstudion
Adress Slupskjulsvägen 34