23 - 27 April 2018


En workshop som riktar sig till professionellt yrkesverksamma dansare

Workshopen sker i samarbete med Danscentrum Syd.


This workshop is designed to enable the dancer to search for, and develop his/her own personal movement vocabulary. Technologies from both Ballet Frankfurt (Forsythe technologies) and the more functional approach used to develop work, Stream-Flow, will be introduced to the dancers. Stream-Flow method is recognised as an effective somatic movement method, that focuses on the individual. Heidi´s foundation Hato Project in Amsterdam is the breeding ground for its constant growth as well as the cross-discipline collaborations. A new Handbook Publication for Somatic practices is soon to come out from Innolerntanz.eu, about how effective the method has been over the years with universities and companies worldwide.

A series of exercises, helping to create a highly articulated body, will stimulate a wide range of unpredictable movement. There is a strong focus on dynamic, timing and layers of diverse physicality’s. The dancer is encouraged to incorporate all forms of dance from his/her personal history, which have added to the intelligence of their body.

Heidi follows the flow and choices of the dancers in the room to create spontaneous movement tasks, as well as teaching movement phrases to reconstruct and deconstruct.

The dancer is eventually enabled to initiate movement from any and all points of the body, allowing fuller and more diverse movement pathways.


Heidi Vierthaler började sin karriär hos Pacific NW Ballet i Seattle. I mitten av 90-talet började hon undervisa och påbörjade sin europeiska danskarriär, med bland annat arbete med Ballet Frankfurt, The Forsythe Company och Göteborgs Danskompani. Hon skapar även egna koreografier och har undervisat på kompanier och festivaler runt om i Europa.



Startdatum 2018-04-23
Slutdatum 2018-04-27
Tider Träning 09.30-11.00
Workshop 11.30-16.00
Antal dagar 5 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2018-04-08
Plats Malmö
Adress Bergsgatan 29