4 - 5 June 2018

HOW” - en workshop med koreografen Mia Habib

öppen för professionella  yrkesverksamma dansare


Mia Habib is inviting to a workshop connected to her new research project How to die - Inopiné which premiers fall 2019 The project is initiated through an invitation from NorrlandsOperan in Umeå, Sweden.

This proposal is a multi faceted research around the idea of the “unexpected" and the “unimagined" as a political and artistic tool to bring people together. This societal project will consist of public discussions, open dance spaces, lectures, a document for the future, involvement of local people and institutions and a full evening dance piece for five dancers. Our work will be putting all these platforms on the same level, investing the same effort. This project is part of Mia Habib’s general “multi strategy practice" inviting the use of different contexts, constellations and hierarchies. 

This workshop will be a physical exploration into one part of the thematic. 

Starting from the philosopher Jean- Luc Nancy’s use of the French word inopiné, “that of which we don’t have an opinion or judgment, that which we haven’t yet imagined”, we will do a set of physical investigations throughout our two-days workshop together. How do we move into the unexpected? How do we move as the unexpected? How do we reach a space of inopiné, “that of which we don’t have an opinion or judgment on, that which we haven’t yet imagined”?

For more information about Mia Habib Productions http://miahabib.com/

Mia Habib is an Oslo-based dancer, performer and choreographer working at the intersection of performance, exhibitions, publications, lectures, teaching, mentoring and curating always guided by a choreographic logic. Her work is described to hold a culture critical perspective on body, identity, society and dance. 



Startdatum 2018-06-04
Slutdatum 2018-06-05
Tider 10.00-16.00
Antal dagar 2 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2018-05-20
Plats Ccap- studio
Adress Körsbärsvägen 9nb