8 - 9 December 2018

The objective of this workshop is for participants to build greater trust in their intuition, impulses and ideas. Antalet är begränsat till 8 platser

The workshop offers a framework designed for participants to experience, articulate and expand their artistic voices. I have found involvement in a variety of creative processes facilitates an ever-deepening trust for instinct, intuition and imagination that leads to greater self-esteem, integrity and charisma.  

Important! All participants should be able to attend the entire workshop and COME ON TIME. The workshop cannot begin without everyone being present.

Stephen Rappaport is an American actor, dramatist, singer, musician and director resident in Stockholm. As an actor, he has participated in many different TV shows in Sweden and the USA. He regularly plays with his own band and is an appreciated workshop leader on StDH, Unga Klara, Dansalliansen and Teaterhögskolan.

Workshopen sker i samarbete med Kulturakademin och Danscentrum Väst



Ledare Stephen Rappaport
Startdatum 2018-12-08
Slutdatum 2018-12-09
Tider 09.00-16.00
Antal dagar 2 dagar
Sista ansökningsdag 2018-11-18
Plats Danscentrum Väst
Adress Ärlegatan 3